Laura Corcoran (is Frisky) – ‘Mannish is watching his figure – those legs are worth the ticket price alone’

11 08 2009


So, it’s the sixth day of the Fringe (or seventh, or fourth, depending when you launched), and my God it’s up and running. This is Frisky and Mannish’s first full Fringe experience and, good grief, what an experience. We still haven’t caught up with ourselves yet, between voice rest, steaming, re-writes and rehearsals… we actually haven’t had time to see a single show. Dreadful.

Now, Monday 10th began extremely merrily as we discovered a five star review of our show from website Daily Dust. It was also rather insightful so we were pleased. That was our first review this year, which means so far we have a 100% five star record. Our gorgeous publicist Kevin from Clout then rang for a pep talk and told us that a reviewer from the Telegraph would be in at this evening’s show. No pressure then….

With barely time for a fruit salad (Mannish is watching his figure – those legs are worth the ticket price alone), we loaded up the tour bus with keyboard, wires, stand and costumes to drive the two streets to Hullabaloo for ‘Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe’. We were thrilled to be invited along, and had the most wonderful time with the lovely Mervyn and his team. I completely fell in love with the Hullabaloo garden. It makes one feel decadent, somehow.

Then a quick tuna sandwich and off to a photoshoot with the marvellous Keith D (that’s his work above). He took a whole load of shots outside the Underbelly on Victoria Street, much to the bewilderment of one group of children who thought it might be a free show. Little did we know we were being watched by none other than the extremely handsome Ed Bartlam, joint Ruler-in-Chief of the Underbelly empire. He charmed the pants off me (almost literally) and wished us well. Gorgeous man.

After that we slowly wended our way home, gently flyering on the way, in order to rest and eat far too much spaghetti bolognese before the show. At this point I was almost ready for bed, but there is oh so much more left in our day…

As we were already completely caked in make up, we had a leisurely preparation for our own show – ‘Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop’ on at 9pm every night in the Underbelly (except the 18th) – and with the help of our fabulous technicians in the Belly Dancer had, I think, our best show yet. A great audience, no huge slip-ups and a fabulous atmosphere. For once I was glad a reviewer was in. But there was no time to waste as we hot-footed it straight over to Musical Theatre @ George Square for a promotional spot in their bar.

The performance went well (we may have chosen some of the more musicals-motivated pieces in our repertoire, but darlings, you need to know your crowd), but again, there was no time to dawdle as we pottered back to the Underbelly for this evening’s Spank!

Now, we’ve been to Spank! before. We know what happens at Spank! We were ever so slightly afraid. But the absolutely wonderful Corrie looked after us brilliantly, and the hugely skilled technicians made sure everything was perfectly set up for us.

As we bundled ourselves into a taxi, totally exhausted, we promised to make sure we both took off our make up before collapsing in a heap wherever we landed (hopefully bed). And that was that.

Laura Corcoran is performing in Frisky and Mannish’s School of Pop from 11 – 30th of August. For tickets click here.




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